The Art of Dancing – Downloadable book & CD


Dances of the Early Georgian Period: 1714-1760

Available as digital download only.  Note that the book is supplied in PDF format and the CD tracks are supplied in MP3 format.

This 54 page book contains an introduction, dance instructions and music.

Dance research by Christine Rogers assisted by Anne Cottis, Anne Daye and Jackie Marshall-Ward.
Music research by Diana Porteus.

Book contents: 1. Les Absences, 2. Chacoon for a Harlequin, 3. The Address, 4. The Minuet, 5. Lady Mary’s Courant, 6. Joy After Sorrow, 7. La Bourée d’Achille, 8. L’Allemand, 9. Aimable Vainqueur, 10. The Rakes of Rochester, 11. Cavendish Court or Look Sharp, 12. Lilli Burlero, 13. Le Rigaudon d’Angleterre.

CD Tracklist

  1. Les Absences
  2. Chacoon for a Harlequin
  3. The Address
  4. The Minuet
  5. Lady Mary’s Courant
  6. Joy After Sorrow
  7. La Bourée d’Achille
  8. L’Allemand
  9. Aimable Vainqueur
  10. The Rakes of Rochester
  11. Cavendish Court or Look Sharp
  12. Lilli Burlero
  13. Le Rigaudon d’Angleterre

(Note: tracks 12 & 13 were originally on a separate CD)

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