Our privacy policy

The HDS does not collect any personal data or data that can be used to identify your computer unless you explicitly provide it by completing and submitting a form, for example when buying goods or booking places at events. Any data you supply will be handled in accordance with our personal information policy.

In particular

  • Data will be used only for the purpose stated when it was collected.
  • Data will be handled only by members of the Committee or persons appointed by them to carry out specific functions (e.g. administrators for courses).
  • No data will be given to third parties without explicit consent.


Cookies are small amounts of data sent from our site and stored by your browser to be sent back to our site. We only use cookies within the shop section of the site to keep track of your basket. If you choose to block cookies in your browser, the site will still function, but you will be unable to order books and CDs.

Third party content, such as YouTube videos, may utilise cookies that are beyond our control.

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