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Volume 1, Number 9, 1979

Rameau’s “Nouvelle Methode” Part 2

Translated by Ellis A. Rogers   Page 3-20

The Rehabilitation of André Lorin

Lillian Pilling and Julian Pilling   Page 21-25

Chiaranzana (Marco Fabrizio Caroso, Il Ballarino, 1581)

Transcribed by Mabel Dolmetsch   Page 26-30

Volume 1, Number 8, 1978

Rameau’s “Nouvelle Methode” Part 1

Translated by Ellis A. Rogers   Page 3-14

The Wild Morisco or The Historical Morris

Julian Pilling   Page 15-21

Nobilita d’Amore (Cesare Negri, 1604)

Transcribed by Mabel Dolmetsch   Page 22-27

‘Around the historical’ – A survey of dance developments throughout the ages

Sophia Williams   Page 28-33