From Rout to Regency: Dances for the Fashionable Assembly in Britain and Europe – Downloadable book and 2 CDs


Available as a digital download only. Note that the book is supplied in PDF format and the CD tracks are supplied in MP3 format.

The 122 page book is in three sections. Section 1 (dances 1-15) contains late eighteenth-century ballroom dances researched by Jørgen Schou-Pedersen. Section 2 (dances 16-30) contains a mixture of social dances from Britain c. 1750-1815 researched by Anne Daye. Section 3 (dances 31-32) contains late eighteenth-century ballroom dances in Feuillet notation researched by Cecilia Gracia Mouro. There is no music on the CDs for section 3.

Book contents: 1. Amabile, 2. Menuet Dauphin, 3. Nouveau Menuêt de l’Eloge de la Chasse, 4. Contredance Generalle from ‘Let Galents Villageois’, 5. l’Adonis, 6. Contredance allemande, 7. La Gratieuse, 8. Les Quatre Nieces, 9. Le Retourne du Printems, 10. The Rural Dance, 11. Danses Anglois 9208, 12. Danses Anglois 9222, 13. l’Enlevement, 14. La Vielle, 15. Contradanza 32, 16. Belvidere Waltz, 17. Charity Boy (Glenfiddich), 18. Countess of Yarmouth’s Fancy, 19. Fife Hunt, 20. Jackey Tarr, 21. The Marseillois, 22. The Pleasures of Huntingdon, 23. Robin Shore in Herst, 24. Cottilon changes, 25. Harbour’s Allemande, 26. La Nouvelle Promenade, 27. La Petite Caroline, 28. Le Prince de Galles, 29. Le Retourne du Printems, 30. Reels, 31. Entrée pour un homme et une femme (Pécour), 32. Sarabande de Mr. Feuillet

Track list for CD1.  Music by Copenhagen Musicians directed by Jørgen Schou-Pedersen.

Track list for CD2.  Music arranged and performed by Stuart Marsden (piano).

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