Understanding Victorian Society through Dance – Book and CD


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A teaching resource for Key Stage 2 and above. Contains historical background, teaching tips, dress ideas, music and details of many dances of Victorian times, including:

  • Dances of the Ballroom: waltz, schottische, polka, quadrille
  • Country dances: Sir Roger de Coverley, Nine Pins, Pop Goes the Weasel, The Triumph
  • Morris and processional dance: Castleton Garland, Helston Furry Dance, Bean Setting and Stave Dance
  • Performance dances: Sailor’s Hornpipe, Jockey Dance, Skirt Dance, Clowns, Crossing Sweepers
  • Clog dance: Lancashire clog dancing described in detail for all skill levels

Researched and written by specialists in dance and costume of the period, and produced by: the HDS, English Folk Dance and Song Society and Grand Union of Folk Dancers (2000).

Book contents: 1. The Waltz, 2. The Spanish Dance, 3. The Polka, 4. The Schottische, 5. Highland Schottische, 6. Hart’s Lancers, 7. Galop Finale, 8. Pop Goes the Weasel, 9. Four Hand Reel from Dorset, 10. La Tempête (The Tempest), 11. Sir Roger de Coverley, 12. The Triumph, 13. Nine Pins, 14. Castleton Garland, 15. Bean Setting from Headington, 16. Helston Furry Dance, 17. Stave Dance, 18. Sailor’s Hornpipe, 19. Jockey Dance, 20. Skirt Dance, 21. Tambourine Dance, 22. Street Clowns, 23. Crossing Sweepers, 24. Clog reel

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