More Dances for Jane Austen – Book with CD


More Dances for Jane Austen is a sequel to Dances for Jane Austen. This collection continues in the same spirit, offering a typical repertoire from the Regency age. There are several direct connections to Jane Austen herself in the country dances, and some in the cotillons, which are identified in the Contextual Information on Dances.

The book, by Anne Daye, contains an introduction, notations and music for 6 country dances and 7 cotillons, notation for a reel, descriptions of steps, holds, figures and the changes. There is also information on the dances and their history along with a section on the English Cotillon 1760-1815.

All the music on the accompanying CD was specially recorded to accompany the book.

Note that if the digital download option is selected, the CD tracks are supplied in MP3 format.


  1. Chichester Bells
  2. The Honey Moon
  3. Lord Granthams Whim
  4. Miss Bennets Jigg
  5. Mr Brockmans Hornpipe
  6. Ramsgate Assembly
  7. La Brunette
  8. L’entrée du Bal
  9. La Fete de Regent
  10. Pantaloon
  11. Les plaisirs des Anglois
  12. Le Reproche
  13. Twelfth Night
  14. Reel (Mrs Drummond Younger of Perth’s Strathspey, Lord Macdonald’s Reel, The Irish Washerwoman)

The musicians are:  The Austen Allegros: Ian Cutts (violin, tambourine), Vernon Wood (flute), Gail Ford (harpsichord, piano, oboe), and Jeanette Edwards (cello).

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