Revels for 1588: English Dances of the Armada Year – Book with CD


Book with CD in the back.

The 67 page book contains an introduction to the sources, dances and music, a glossary of steps and descriptions of the dances with music notations.

Researched and prepared by Anne Daye, Frances Campbell, Anne Cottis, Diana Cruickshank and Jackie Marshall.
Music adviser Diana Porteus.

Book Contents: 1. Quarter Branles, 2. The Spanioletta, 3. Brando detto Alta Regina, 4. La Battaglia, 5. Il Torneo Amoroso, 6. Barriera, 7. Pavaniglia, 8. Pavan d’Espagne, 9. Branle Aridan, 10. Turcke Leone, 11. Blacke Almaine, 12. Longe Pavian, 13. The Lady Leytons Measures, 14. Row Well Ye Marriners, 15. Peppers Black, 16. Mundesse

The accompanying CD contains music for all the dances, played by Jeremy Barlow, harpsichord.

Note that if the digital download option is selected, the CD tracks are supplied in MP3 format.

CD track list

Please note that Monsieur’s Almaine appears on the CD, but not in the book.
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