New Worlds, New Steps – Book


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This 122 page book is in two sections, each containing an introduction, dance descriptions and music notations:

  • Dances from Europe, researched by Ellis and Chris Rogers (Dances 1-10, corresponding to CD1)
  • Dances from America 1790-1867, researched by Chrystelle Trump Bond (Dances 11-27, corresponding to CD2)

Contents: 1. La Belle Euridice, cotillon, 2. Cellarius’ Second Mazurka Quadrille, 3. The Fathaby Jig quadrille (from the Isle of Man), 4. Peter O’Tavy, 5. Mona’s Delight, 6. Beseda, quadrille, 7. The Attempt, ecossaise, 8. Zulma l’ Orientale, 9. Five step Waltz, 10. La Cachucha, 11. Washington’s Resignation Country Dance, 12. Mount Vernon Country Dance, 13. Sweet Richard, 14. Speed the Plough, 15. The Secret, 16. Spirit of France, 17. Lafayette Country Dance, 18. La Fayette Cotillion, 1788, 19. Lafayette Forever Cotillion, 20. Constellation Cotillion, 21. The Eagle Cotillion, 22. The Spanish Waltz, 23. The Danish Dance and Hop Waltz, 24. Gallopede, 25. Lafayette Cotillions, 1824 (Brandywine, Yorktown, Olmutz, The Nation’s Guest), 26. The Military Sett of Polka Quadrilles (Sontage Polka, Drum Polka, Everlasting Polka, Cologne Polka, Sultan Polka), 27. Mazurka and Cellarius Waltz

Note that if the digital download option is selected the book is supplied in PDF format.

Music for these dances can be found on two CDs of the same name, which can be purchased separately from this website.

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