Il Ballarino: Italian Dances from Caroso, Lupi and Negri c.1600 – Book


Italian Dances from Caroso, Lupi and Negri c.1600

Second edition 2017. This 58 page book was originally published as Quest’ Arte Gentile for our Summer School in 1986. The dance research is by Anne Daye, and the music was researched by Diana Porteus and Jeremy Barlow.

Contents: 1. Allegrezza d’Amore, 2. Celeste Giglio, 3. Alta Carretta, 4. Bassa Gioiosa, 5. La Nizzarda, 6. Forza d’Amore, 7. Dolce Amoroso Fuoco, 8. Canario, 9. Ballo del Fiore, 10. Bianco Fiore

Music for these dances can be found on a CD Il Ballarino – Italian Dances, c 1600 by Jeremy Barlow and The Broadside Band, published by Hyperion Helios CDH55059 (reissue of Hyperion CDA66244). Bianco Fiore was not included among the 10 tracks on the CD; it is available to download free of charge from the link below.

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