For the Further Improvement of Dancing (1680-1725) – Book


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Contains introduction, step descriptions, dance descriptions, and music notations.

The book of 122 pages is in three sections, researched and prepared by Anne Daye, Dorothée Wortelboer and Jørgen Schou-Pedersen respectively. The first section (dances 1-12) was intended for the beginner’s; the sections 2 and 3 (dances 13-21, and 22-26) are for those who can understand dance notations such as Feuillet notation.

Contents: 1. Excuse Me and variants, 2. Rigadoon and a variant, 3. Mr. Eaglesfield’s Hornpipe, 4. Edinburgh Castle, 5. A Trip to the Jubilee, 6. Bourée et Menuet d’Achille, 7. Gigue de Roland, 8. Minuet, 9. The Queen’s Jigg, 10. Hunt the Squiril, 11. Marlborough’s Victory, 12. America, 13. Contredanse Nouvelle, 14. Die Menuet d’Anjou, 15. La Victoire, 16. Madame Robin, 17. La Semaine Passé, 18. Le Soleildieu, 19. La Corsini, 20. La Florentine, 21. La Musette, 22. Entrée seule pour une femme, 23. Sarabande of Issé, 24. Jigg by the same, 25. Entrée de deux femmes, 26. An Echo by Mr. Groscort

Music for these dances is available on two CDs of the same name, which can be purchased from this website. CD1 covers dances 1-12 (note that dances 4 and 5 go to the same music). CD2 covers dances 13-26.

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