Ballare et Danzare: Dances of the Courts of 15th Century Italy – Book


Dances from the Courts of 15th Century Italy

Book written with research by Hazel Dennison, first published in May 2012. 70 pages, with notations for 21 dances of 15th century Italy.

Contents: 1. Anello, 2. Pellegrina, 3. Mercantia, 4. Marchexana, 5. La Ingrata, 6. La fia Guielmina, 7. Sobria, 8. Prexonera, 9. Verceppe, 10. Damnes, 11. Colonese, 12. Lionzello, 13. Belreguardo, 14. Giloxia, 15. Rostiboli Gioioso, 16. Amoroso, 17. Jupiter, 18. Tesara, 19. Pizochara, 20. Legiadra, 21. Rossina. Voltati in ca Rosina

Music for these dances is available on a CD Ballare et Danzare performed by Mediva, which can be purchased separately from this website.

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