And then take hands: Dances of the Court of James 1 – Downloadable book and CD


And then take hands: Dances of the Court of James 1 – Downloadable book and CD

Available as digital download only.  Note that the book is supplied in PDF format and the CD tracks are supplied in MP3 format.

99 pages. Contains introduction, step descriptions, dance descriptions, and music notations.

Researched and prepared by Frances Campbell, Anne Daye and Dorothee Wortelboer.
Music adviser: Jeremy Barlow.

Book Contents: 1. Balletto Bassa Pompilia*, 2. Ballo (Dame), 3. Ballo (Cavalieri), 4. Brando detta Alta Regina, 5. Branle d’Aridan, 6. Branle d’Escosse*, 7. Branle de la Guerre*, 8. Branle des Sabots*, 9. Branvill de Poictu (Branle de Poitou), 10. Il Canario (Caroso)*, 11. Il Canario (Negri), 12. Coranto*, 13. Cortesia Amorosa, 14. Galliard*, 15. La Volta, 16. The Longe Pavian, 17. Pavane de la Guerre, 18. Passo e Mezzo, 19. The Queen’s Almaine*, 20. The Queen’s Currand, 21. Drive the cold winter away*, 22. Jenny pluck Pears*, 23. Hearts Ease, 24. Putney Ferry, 25. La Battaglia, 26. Brando di Cales, 27. Celeste Giglio, 28. La Nizzarda, 29. Il Pastor Leggiadro

Music for the dances marked * can be found on a CD Dances for Court and Country. which is available to buy separately from this website.

Tracklist for accompanying CD

Track 18 of this CD was recorded under the direction of Dorothee Wortelboer, tracks 7 and 10 were recorded by Bedford Waits, and all others were taken from earlier HDS recordings.

All rights reserved, public performance or broadcasting without permission is prohibited. When used for teaching, recognition must be given to The Historical Dance Society. ℗ & © 2003 The Historical Dance Society.