Excellent New Dances: dances of court and country c.1699 – Downloadable book and 2 CDs


Available as a digital download only. Note that the book is supplied in PDF format and the CD tracks are supplied in MP3 format.

Book contents

The book was researched from original sources for the DHDS Summmer School in 1999. It contains 106 pages in two sections, each section including introductions, step descriptions, dance descriptions in a mix of notation formats, and music notations. The 11 country dances (marked *) in section 1 are described in words, while all the other dances are described only in Feuillet notation.

Contents of Section 1
Dances researched by Anne Daye and Dorothee Wortelboer. Music edited and arranged by Jeremy Barlow.
1. Sage Leaf*, 2. Minuet , 3. La Savoye, 4. The Duke of Gloucester’s March*, 5. The Great Turk, 6. Mr. Lane’s Minuet*, 7. Old Noll’s Jigg*, 8. Hedge Lane*, 9. Count Leon*, 10. Sarabande d’Yssé, 11. Entrée de Matelot, 12. La Matelotte, 13. La Paysanne, 14. The Forlong*, 15. The Bore / Sweet William*, 16. ‘Twas within a Furlong of Edinborourgh Town*, 17. The Marlborough*, 18. Valentine’s Day*

Contents of Section 2
Dances researched by, and music edited and arranged by Jørgen Schou-Pedersen.
1. L’abbé et L’abesse, 2. Les noces de paysan, 3. La granadière, 4. La Palatine, danse nouvelle, 5. La Palatine, contre-danse, 6. La Venitienne, 7. La Gavotte de Seaux

Track list for CD1

Music arranged by Jeremy Barlow and played by The Broadside Band.

Track list for CD2

Music arranged by Jørgen Schou-Pedersen and played by the Copenhagen Baroque Band

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