Dances of Court and Country – Book



Dances of Court and Country
from the time of Elizabeth I and James I

This book provides clear instructions and supporting information for ten of the dances on the CD Dances of Court and Country.

Instructions for the other dances on the seperate CD can be found in a companion volume Tudors & Stuarts. Both the CD and the companion volume are available for purchase from this website.

Contents: 1. Bassa Pompilia, 2. Branle d’Escosse, 3. Branle de la Guerre, 4. Canario, 5. Coranto, 6. Drive the Cold Winter Away, 7. Cinquepace and Galliard, 8. Graies Inne Maske, 9. Jenny Pluck Pears, 10. Queens Almain

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