For the Ballroom and the Stage: Dances for 18th century France and England – downloadable book


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Available as digital download only.  Note that the book is supplied in PDF format.

Contains introduction, step descriptions, dance descriptions, and music notations.

The book of 116 pages is in three sections, researched and prepared by Anne Daye, Jørgen Schou-Pedersen and Dorothée Wortelboer respectively. The first section (dances 1-13) was intended for students with less experience than the other two. Section 2 (dances 14-25) and section 3 (dances 26-31) are intended for those who can understand dance notations such as Feuillet notation. The book was compiled for the 2006 Summer School and brings together the dances used by the three tutors.

Contents: 1. The Geud Man of Ballangigh, 2. Jack’s Magott, 3. Jameko, 4. La bonne amitié, 5. The Hole in the Wall, 6. The Juice of Barly, 7. Prince George, 8. Mr. Lane’s Minuet, 9. The Indian Queen, 10. The New Bore, 11. Les Galéries d’Amour, 12. The Minuet, 13. Gigue de Roland, 14. La Ribeyra, 15. La Czarienne, 16. La Modene, 17. La Clermont, 18. La Nouvelle Bourée des Princesses, 19. l’Italiene Contre Dance, 20. La Bavaroise Contre dance, 21. La Vandangeuse Contre dance, 22. La Duchesse Louise, 23. La Hage, 24. Le Marinier, 25. Les Oeufs de Paque, 26. Entrée pour un Berger et une Bergere, 27. Deuxième Entrée dancée par les mêmes, 28. Entrée de deux Bacchante, 29. Entrée pour un homme et une femme, 30. La Gavotte du Roy a quatre, 31. Le Cotillon des Fêtes de Thalie

Music for the dances in sections 1 and 2 are available on two CDs which are available for purchase from this website (dances 1-13 on CD1 and dances 14-25 on CD2).  The music for dances in section 3 (dances 26-31) is on a CD A Choice Collection of Dances by Accademia Amsterdam, available from Dorothée Wortelboer.

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