Dances for Mortals and Majesty: European dances c.1581 – downloadable book and CD


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Available as digital download only.  Note that the book is supplied in PDF format and the CD tracks are supplied in MP3 format.

Contains an introduction to the dances and music, a glossary of steps, descriptions of the dances, and music notations. Researched and prepared by Anne Daye, Frances Campbell, Anne Cottis, Diana Cruickshank and Hazel Dennison. Music adviser Jeremy Barlow.

Book Contents: 1. Le Branle d’Aridan, 2. Une Suytte de Gavottes, 3. Branle de la Haye, 4. Branle des Lavandieres, 5. Branle de la Montarde, 6. L’Allemande, 7. La Galliarde, 8. La Pavane (processional), 9. Pavan d’Espagne, 10. La Volte, 11. Lorayne Allemayne, 12. The Longe Pavian, 13. Alta Vittoria, 14. Ballo del Fiore, 15. Pavana Matthei, 16. Se Pensand’ Al Partire, 17. Squilina Cascarda, 18. L’Alemana d’Amore, 19. Alta Mendozza, 20. Leggiadra Marina, 21. La Pavaniglia all’uso di Milano, 22. So Ben Mi Chi Ha Buon Tempo, 23. Il Villanicco

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Music arranged and played by Jeremy Barlow, harpsichord.

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