Stepping On: A Conference on Stepping in Dance across the British Isles and Beyond

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16 - 17 November 2019 Cecil Sharp House, London, UK The British Isles have a rich history of step dancing in many forms and in many forms and contexts, spanning centuries and linking with traditions across the world. Some of these dances and their histories are relatively well-known, others largely lost. The aim of the conference was to further our knowledge and understanding in these traditions and to stimulate debate. Download the proceedings from the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library Download PDF Buy the printed proceedings from the EFDSS Buy Papers In Search of ‘Street’ Clog Dance. Alexandra Fisher Ontario Old–Time Step Dancing and its Connections to the British Isles. Sherry Johnson How fast should we dance: An investigation using recordings. Sean Goddard Hornpipe stepping at barn dances and ceilidhs in…
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On Common Ground 6: The Minuet in Time and Space (2007)

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All Saints Pastoral Centre, London Colney, St Albans - 10-11 March 2007 The conference explored the essential dance of the 18th century, as a solo and a duet, from the 1700s to the 1900s, from the ballroom to the stage and even the silver screen. As well as listening to papers, participants experienced the variety of the minuet in several workshops. Most of the papers are available to download. Teresa Buckland – Keynote Lecture: The world we have lost: minuets and the past in late Victorian culture (not published in proceedings) Moira Goff – Seductive Decorum: the Solo Minuet for a Girl (Workshop) Download Grainne McArdle – The Minuet in Early Eighteenth-Century Dublin Society Download Giles Bennett – The Minuet in 18th-Century Dance Treatises (Workshop) Download Elizabeth Aldrich – Drooping…
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