On Common Ground 6: The Minuet in Time and Space (2007)

All Saints Pastoral Centre, London Colney, St Albans – 10-11 March 2007

Teresa Buckland – Keynote Lecture: The world we have lost: minuets and the past in late Victorian culture (not published in proceedings)

Moira Goff – Seductive Decorum: the Solo Minuet for a Girl (Workshop)

Grainne McArdle – The Minuet in Early Eighteenth-Century Dublin Society

Giles Bennett – The Minuet in 18th-Century Dance Treatises (Workshop)

Elizabeth Aldrich – Drooping Elbows and Stately Grace: “Movie Minuets” of the 1930s (not published in proceedings)

Jennifer Thorp – Spelling it out: Le Roussau’s The Montaigu, 1720

Kimiko Okamoto – Changing Relationships between Dance and Music in the Eighteenth-Century Minuet

Jeffrey Scott Longstaff, Darren Royston, Andrea Treu – Rudolf Laban’s Minuet in Choreographie, 1926 (Workshop)

Jørgen Schou-Pedersen – Minuet from Elverhöi, 1828 (Workshop)

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