Weekend course ‘Dancing Well, Dancing Longer’

Led by Kath Waters, the course runs from Friday 3 to Sunday 5 February 2023 at Benslow MusicBenslow Lane, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG4 9RB.

Participants will explore dances from the Renaissance and Baroque periods with a focus on the development and application of technical skills and safe dance practice. The first evening and each morning will start with a general warm up, using exercises that can be taken away for personal use or use with a group. This will be followed by exploration of technical aspects such as strength, stamina, posture, alignment and co-ordination. These skills will then by applied to sociable Playford country dances on the first evening, Renaissance dances on the Saturday and Baroque dances on the Sunday. The course will be useful to both individual dancers and group leaders. Course Director: Kath Waters.

For further details and booking form: https://webcollect.org.uk/hds/event/dancing-well-dancing-longer