On Common Ground 3: John Playford and the English Dancing Master (2001)

Cecil Sharp House, London, 24-25 March 2001

Jointly organised with the English Folk Dance and Song Society

Over 200 people from both the historical dance and folk dance worlds in Austria, Belgium, Britain, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Sweden and the USA gathered in London for this event jointly organised by the HDS and The English Folk Dance and Song Society. The formal paper presentations were divided into five sessions over the two days.

All of the papers are available to download.

Jennifer Kiek – ‘That againe’: an Exploration of the Formulaic Sequences in early English Country Dance

Anne Daye – Taking the Measure of Dance Steps 1650-1700, through the Publications of John Playford

Jeremy Barlow – Tunes in The English Dancing Master 1651: John Playford’s Accidental Misprints?

Robert Keller – The Dancing Master, 1651-1728. An Illustrated Compendium: an On-Line Resource for the Analytical Study of English Country Dances

Diana Cruickshank – Circling the Square: The Country Dances of Thomas Bray

Ann Kent – Country Dancing in the French Style at the End of the 18th Century

Annie Richardson – Framing One’s Own Fortune: Hogarth’s ‘Analysis of Beauty’ and the Country Dance in Comic Drama

Ellis Rogers – Long Division and the Circle Squared: ‘How the Quadrille and Couple Dances Came to Supplant the English Country Dance in the Ball Repertoire of the Nineteenth Century

Peter Bohlin – Country Dances from a Swedish Perspective (1760-1820s)

Birte Hoffmann-Cabenda – English Country dances in Northern Germany around 1800

Hannelore Unfried – Sir Roger – Scharutscha: a Ballroom Dance of the Fin de Siècle and a Current Austrian Folkdance

Derek Schofield – ‘Little Ballets’: Playford, Sharp and Douglas Kennedy in the 20th Century Folk Dance Revival

Gene Murrow – Playford in America – 3rd Figure

Colin Hume – Playford Interpretation Today

Hazel Dennison – Jigg Saw Puzzle – a Tale of 3 Jigs

Diana Jewitt – Gym Knickers and Street Cred! The Place of Traditional Music, Dance and Song in English Education: its Chequered History through the Twentieth Century and its Current Fortunes

Nicolas Broadbridge – Playing for Playford Today (workshop)

Jørgen Schou-Pedersen – Dubreil’s Contre Dances (workshop)

Julia Sutton – Lorin and Playford: Connections and Disparities