On Common Ground 7: Kings and Commoners: Dances of Display for Court, City and Country (2009)

All Saints Pastoral Centre, London Colney, St Albans, 28-29 March 2009

The conference explored the essential dance of the 18th century, as a solo and a duet, from the 1700s to the 1900s, from the ballroom to the stage and even the silver screen. As well as listening to papers, participants experienced the variety of the minuet in several workshops.

Ann and Paul Kent – Bransles for Display?

Anne Daye – Dancing for King and Country: the Jacobean Court Dancer

Hazel Dennison – “Dancing the Barbarian” (workshop)

Maëlle Amand – The Distorted Representations of Dance in Eighteenth-Century Britain: a Study of Parody and Caricature

Moira Goff – Edmund Pemberton and the Improvement of Dancing

Barbara Segal – The Hornpipe: a Dance for Kings, Commoners and Comedians (workshop)

Jørgen Schou-Pedersen – Dances for a Royal Danish Masquerade

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