On Common Ground 5: Dance in Drama, Drama in Dance (2005)

Cecil Sharp House, London, 12 March 2005.

Jeremy Barlow – “But at present keep your own secret”: Dances in The Beggar’s Opera

Anne Daye – Character in action in the seventeenth-century antimaque

Hazel Dennison – The significance of drama created through gesture in European dance sources 1450-1720

Moria Goff – Weaver, words and dancing in The Judgement of Paris

Cecilia Nocilli – La presa di Granata and Il Tronfo de la Fama: the dance in the farces of Iacopo Sannazaro (1492)

Jennifer Thorp – Drama and dance in Le Ballet de la Nuit

Jennifer Kiek – “We’ll have a crash here in the yard!” English country dance in early modern stage plays. Not included in the printed proceedings

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