Study Forum 2: Dance Disguised & Obscured (2015)

Dance Disguised & Obscured, at Goldsmiths, University of London, 21-22 March 2015

The event consisted of a stimulating programme of papers, workshops and discussion led by researchers, teachers and practitioners relating to theatrical, social and traditional dance and performance from the 15th century to now.

A new source for the study of the Spanish baroque dance: Choregraphie figurativa, y demonstrativa del Arte de Danzar, en la forma española de Nicolás Noveli (Madrid, 1708)
Diana Campóo Schelotto

Recreating Lambranzi Dances – a workshop
Barbara Segal

Dance as disguise and deception: Entrée de Matelot 1706
Jennifer Thorp

A very obscure dance: La pavanne a sept passages dont le premier a vingt huict pas (Instruction pour dancer c. 1612)
Anne Daye

The identification of dance forms in English mumming and disguising c.1370-1430, with particular reference to the texts of John Lydgate
Hazel Dennison

The interplay between the dances of the gentry and the morris in 17th century England
Jeremy Monson

Stave Dancing: The Discovery and Revival of a Lost Tradition
Chloe Metcalfe

Mumming: Disguised and Obscured by Scholarship?
John Harrop

A practical exploration of mumming and related plays, including associated dances
Adrian Burrows