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Dances for Jane Austen

Book and CD: Dances for Jane Austen


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Jane Austen's brother Henry recorded that 'Jane was fond of dancing, and excelled in it'. The ballroom and assembly scenes in her novels were based on first-hand experience, but she rarely specified the dances. The selection given here goes a little closer to the dances she knew, particularly by making fuller use of the Austen family music books than before.

The book contains introduction, step descriptions, information about English cotillons, and notations and music for 17 cotillons and country dances from the ballroom repertoire.

All the music on the CD was specially recorded to accompany the book. The musicians are:
Tracks 1-13 The Austen Allegros: Ian Cutts (violin, harp, tambourine), Gail Ford (piano, keyboard, oboe), Harry Buckoke (cello)
Track 14 Steven Devine (fortepiano)
Tracks 15-17 Stuart Marsden (piano)

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