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Gallant Measures & Masquing: Dances for the Jacobean Court

Published for the HDS Summer School 2009

Book: Gallant Measures and Masquing: Dances for the Jacobean Court


Contains introductions to the steps, dance descriptions and music.
Dances researched by Anne Daye, Hazel Dennison and Jørgen Schou-Pedersen.

Note that nither written nor recorded music is available for Battaglia.

Contents: 1. Brando di Cales, 2. Brando la Biscia Amorosa, 3. Galliard, 4. Pavaniglia, 5. Blew Cap, 6. Argeers, 7. Lulle thee beyond me, 8. Confesse, 9. Battaglia, 10. Bella Gioiosa in tre, 11. Il Bigarà , 12. Il Canario, 13. Squilina, 14. Rosa Felice, 15. Cesarina, 16. Il Furioso all'Italiana, 17. Il Cesarino, 18. Il Villanicco, 19. La Cortesia Amorosa

CD: Gallant Measures and Masquing: Dances for the Jacobean Court


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Performed by: * The Broadside Band directed by Jeremy Barlow * Peter Greener (lute) * The Presence (musicians of Herts Early Dance) * Stuart Marsden (harpsichord) * Copenhagen Renaissance Musicians directed by Jørgen Schou-Pedersen

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