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Minuet to Mazurka 1745-1845

Published for the HDS Summer School 2001

Book: Minuet to Mazurka 1745-1845


Book in three sections, each containing an introduction, step descriptions, dance descriptions and music.
Dances from Europe by Jørgen Schou-Pedersen
Dancing in Scotland by Anne Daye
Dances of France and England by Ellis Rogers

Contents: 1. Menuet de la Cour, 2. Menuet and Gavotte de la Cour (Gardel), 3. La Gerbe, 4. La Strasbourgeoise de Fischer, 5. Cockney's Frolic, 6. Contradanza XXX, 7. Contradanza XXXVII, 8. La Pastoril, 9. La Danemark, 10. Der Herr von Cornwallis, 11. Cottillon No 3, 12. La Böehmiene, 13. Het Royaal Koffi Huys, 14. Le Jeu des Quatres Coins, 15. Up in the Morning Early, 16. The Key of the Cellar, 17. Strathspey Minuet, 18. The Menzies Rant and 'America', 19. Open the Door to Three, 20. Straglass House, 21. The Minuet, 22. La Mignonette, 23. Miss Charlotte Hope of Craigiehall, 24. Duke of Perth, 25. Pas di Trois for the Misses Glennie, 26. Reels, 27. Corn Rigs, 28. Spanish Country Dance, 29. Balmoral Castle Quadrilles and Sixdrilles, 30. Cotillion: Le Jardin Enchanté, 31. Cotillion: Les Quatre Nymphes, 32. Cotillion: La Graziosetta, 33. The Merry Wives of Westminster, 34. Kew Gardens, 35. Mungo's Delight, 36. The Duchess of Devonshire's Reel, 37. Paine's First Set of Quadrilles, 38. Mazurka Quadrille, 39. La Beaudri, 40. Les Jolis Garçons, 41. Wilson's Royal Scotch Quadrille

CD 1: 'Minuet to Mazurka' Dances from Europe


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Music to accompany the book 'Minuet to Mazurka 1745-1845'
Arranged by Jørgen Schou-Pedersen
Played by various baroque musicians in Copenhagen

CD 2: 'Minuet to Mazurka' Dances from Scotland


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Music to accompany the book 'Minuet to Mazurka 1745-1845'
Musical adaptation by Ian Cutts
Played by String Beans

CD 3+4: 'Minuet to Mazurka' Dances from England and France


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Music to accompany the book 'Minuet to Mazurka 1745-1845'
Music researched by Ellis Rogers
Mazurka quadrille played on piano by Christopher Arkell
Other music played by Green Ginger
Counts as one CD for postage

CD 3: 'Minuet to Mazurka' Dances from England and France 1

CD 4: 'Minuet to Mazurka' Dances from England and France 2

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