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Georgian Delights - Dances from England c. 1728

Published for the HDS Summer School 1990

Book: Georgian Delights - Dances from England c. 1728


Contains introduction, step descriptions, dance descriptions and music.
Research by Anne Cottis, Frances Campbell, Diana Cruickshank, Anne Daye, Mary Hartwell, Jørgen Schou-Pedersen, Philippa Waite and Dorothée Wortelboer.

Contents: 1. The Princess Royale, 2. The Princess Amelia, 3. The Princess Ann's Chacone, 4. Prince William, 5. Prince Frederick, 6. The Prince of Wales, 7. The Prince of Wales's Sarabande, 8. Mrs. Santlow's Minuet, 9. Prince George's Birthday, 10. Scotch Union, 11. Subligny's Minuet, 12. Mars & Venus, 13. Mrs. Booth's Minuet, 14. Pastor Fido

CD: Georgian Delights - Dances from England c. 1728


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Performed by Consort de Danse Baroque: Andrew Wilson-Dickson (Director) harpsichord, Emma Harrhy baroque cello, Eileen Silcocks descant and treble recorders and baroque flute, Barry D'Souza baroque violin.
Music arranged by Andrew Wilson-Dickson.
Recording engineer: Neil Harris.

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