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Resource Pack for schools: Tudors and Stuarts

Book: Dances for Tudors and Stuarts



  • step descriptions
  • instructions for 13 dances: The Long Dance, Pavan, Galliard, Branle des Lavandieres, Branle des Sabots, Branle Pinagay, Branle de l'Official, Branle des Chevaux, Quadran Pavan, The Earl of Essex measure, The Old Almaine, Gathering Peascods, Millisons Jig.
  • historical background information
  • music for playing in the classroom
  • teaching hints

Intended for use in conjunction with a workshop by a specialist teacher, this pack is the fruit of two decades of experience by experts.

This pack is an excellent teaching resource, which really added to our children's understanding of Tudor culture", says an Oxfordshire teacher.

CD: Dances of Court and Country from the time of Elizabeth I and James I


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Played by The Broadside Band, director Jeremy Barlow.
Recorded by Classical Communications Ltd.

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