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Cherwell Thy Wyne: Dances of fifteenth-century England from the Gresley Manuscript

A dance instruction book by Ann and Paul Kent with accompanying CD by The York Waits.

The 'Gresley' manuscript is a small notebook written by John Baynes belonging to the Gresley of Drakelow family papers and held in the Derbyshire Record Office at Matlock, dated to c. 1500. As far as is known, it is the only extant English dance record of its type.

This book is the product of extensive research by Ann and Paul Kent. It contains an overview of the manuscript, a guide to the performance of the dances, detailed descriptions of the steps, transcriptions of the text, melody lines and full dance instructions for all 26 of the dances for which choreographies are given in the manuscript.

The CD has music for all the dances with other tunes from the manuscript and specially written tunes for dances where no music is given. It has been designed to match the dances in the book, as well as being excellent listening.

See a video of Greensleves performing dances from the collection at the Early Dance Circle Festival on YouTube.

very enjoyable... a very listenable CD - From a review by Richard York, first published in The Chanter, the magazine of the Bagpipe Society, and reproduced by kind permission of the editor.

No-one who enjoys late medieval dance music will fail to be captivated by this varied and always musically-interesting program of dances performed with the skill and aplomb that we have come to expect from the York Waits. Richard Rastall on The Waits Website.

Book: Cherwell Thy Wyne: Dances of fifteenth-century England from the Gresley Manuscript


Contents: 1. Esperans de tribus, 2. Talbott de duobus, 3. Mowbray de tribus, 4. Egle de tribus, 5. Bugill de tribus, 6. Prenes a gard de tribus, 7. Prenes in gre de duobus, 8. Princitore de duobus, 9. Armynn de tribus, 10. What so ever ye wyll de duobus, 11. Petygay de tribus, 12. Tamrett de duobus, 13. Grengynger de duobus, 14. Sofferance de duobus, 15. Lebeus disineus de duobus, 16. Aras de duobus, 17. Eglamowr de tribus, 18. New yer de tribus, 19. Roye de tribus, 20. Oringe de tribus, 21. Hawthorne de duobus, 22. Newcastell de duobus, 23. Damesyn de tribus, 24. Rawty de duobus, 25. Temperans de tribus, 26. Northumberland de tribus

CD: Cherwell Thy Wyne: Dances of fifteenth-century England from the Gresley Manuscript


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