Princely Masques and Revels: Dances for the Stuart Masque – CD



The CD accompanies the book of the same title on the website which is available to buy separately.

Performed by The Broadside Band: Jeremy Barlow (Director) recorders, virginals, regal, Alastair McLachlan violin, Rosemary Thorndycraft bass viol, George Weigand cittern, guitar, lute, mandore.

Note that if the digital download option is selected, the CD tracks are supplied in MP3 format.

  1. The Queen’s Currand
  2. Harreis Galyiard
  3. Branvill of Poictu
  4. Ballo fatto da sei Dame
  5. Ballo fatto da sei Cavalieri
  6. Il Pastor Leggiadro
  7. La Catena D’Amore
  8. Passo e Mezzo
  9. Brando di Cales
  10. Il Canario
  11. Il Furioso in Ottavo
  12. Chiaranzana
  13. The Satyrs’ Masque
  14. The Fairy Masque
  15. The First of the Prince’s
  16. The Second of the Prince’s
  17. The Third of the Prince’s

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