Princely Masques and Revels: Dancing and the Stuart Masque – Book


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This 82 page book contains an introduction to the sources, dances and music, a glossary of steps and descriptions of the dances with music notations for the masque Oberon. Researched and compiled by Anne Daye, Judy Smith and Ian Gatiss.

Contents: 1. Queen’s Coranto, 2. Harry’s Galliard, 3. Branle de Poitou, 4. Ballo fatto d a Sei Dame, 5. Ballo fatto da Sei Cavalieri, 6. Il Pastor Leggiadro, 7. La Catena d’Amore, 8. Passo e Mezzo, 9. Brando di Cales, 10. Il Canario, 11. Furioso in Ottavo, 12. Chiaranzana

Music for these dances can be found on a CD Princely Masques and Revels available from this website.

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