L’arte Perfetta del Danzare: Dances of the 15th century – Book and CD


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L’arte Perfetta del Danzare: Dances of the 15th century

Book and CD package.  This 89 page book contains introduction, notes on steps and style as well as the music scores.

The accompanying CD has music for all the dances in the book. It is a mixture of tracks from other HDS CDs with some specially recorded material by various musicians.

Researched and prepared by Anne Daye, Hazel Dennison and Jørgen Schou-Pedersen.

Contents: 1. Sobria, 2. Jupiter (Giove), 3. Laltra Fia Guielmina, 4. Tesara, 5. Mercantia, 6. Legiadra, 7. Petit Vriens, 8. Gioioso in dua, 9. Pizochara, 10. Corona Gentile, 11. Belfiore, 12. Verçepe, 13. Duchesco, 14. Petit Rose, 15. Malum, 16. Gelosia, 17. Anello, 18. Voltati in ça Rosina, 19. Consolata, 20. Amoroso, 21. Gioioso, 22. Petit Riense, 23. La Crudele, 24. Roti Bouilly Joyeulx, 25. La Danse de Cleves, 26. L’Esperance de Bourbon, 27. Orleans

CD Tracks:

Tracks 1-8 and 23-26 played by The Bedford Waits, director Glynne Parry; tracks 9 &10 played by Sirinu; tracks 11-13 played by Alta; tracks 14-22 by musicians from Denmark directed by Jørgen Schou-Pedersen.

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