In the Italian Manner: Dances from the Royal Courts of Europe c.1600 – Book


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This 95 page book contains introductions to the steps, dance descriptions and music notations.

Dances researched by Hazel Dennison, Jørgen Schou-Pedersen and Dorothée Wortelboer.

Contents: 1. Alta Carretta, 2. Alta Mendozza, 3. Balletto detto lo Spagnoletto, 4. Il Canario, 5. So ben mi chi ha buon tempo, 6. Passo e Mezzo, 7. Branles de Champaigne, 8. Graies Inne Maske, 9. Hearts Ease, 10. Row well ye Marriners, 11. Alta Somaglia, 12. Bassa Imperiale, 13. Laura Gentile, 14. Brando Gentile, 15. Fedeltà d’Amore, 16. Adda Felice, 17. Barriera (Caroso 1600), 18. Barriera (Santucci), 19. Il Canario, 20. Laura Suave, 21. Leggiadra Marina, 22. Spagnoletto nuova al modo di Madriglia

Music for most of the dances in this book can be found on a CD In the Italian Manner which is available from this website. The music for Balletto detto lo Spagnoletto, Branles de Champaigne, Hearts Ease and Laura Suave is not on our CD; the book lists suggested recordings.

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