A Lively Shape of Dauncing: Dances of Shakespeare’s time – Book


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A Lively Shape of Dauncing
Dances of Shakespeare’s time

Contains an introduction to the sources, dances and music, a glossary of steps and descriptions of the dances with arrangments of the music.
Researched and prepared by Anne Daye, Frances Campbell, Hazel Dennison, Ian Gatiss and Judy Smith.

Music for the dances in this book can be found on a CD A Lively Shape of Dauncing which is available from this website.

1. Galliard
2. Tordiglione
3. Passomezzo
4. Canaries
5. Spagnoletta
6. Corrente
7. Coranta
8. The Earle of Essex Measures
9. The Cecilia Almaine
10. The French Levolto
11. The Brawles
12. Sellingers Round
13. Hearts Ease
14. The Night Peece
15. Putney Ferry
16. Sedanny, or Dargason
17. Stanes Morris
18. Woodicock

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