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The Historical Dance Society - FAQs about our change of name

Q1. What is our new name?

A1. The Historical Dance Society

Q2. Why have we changed our name?

A2. We have been pleased to have been associated with the Dolmetsch family since we were set up about 45 years ago. That association reflected the initiative of founding the first historical dance society by Nathalie Dolmetsch and the dance research by Mabel Dolmetsch. However, as we strive to attract new people to the world of historical dance and historical dance music we are finding that the association with the Dolmetsch family is no longer recognised by people outside our membership. We decided to change our name to one which more accurately reflects what we do.

Q3. Will the name be shortened to the HDS?

A3. Yes, although we will using the full name as well.

Q4. Has it been approved by the Charity Commission?

A4. Yes.

Q5. I have just sent a cheque for my membership and it was made out to DHDS. Do I need to send another one made out now to HDS?

A5. No. We will be able to accept cheques made out to DHDS for some time.

Q6. Should I now make my cheque out to The Historical Dance Society?

A6. Cheques made out to The Historical Dance Society are unlikely to be accepted during the 1st quarter of 2016 as we change our bank account and PayPal accounts. Please take note of information provided with a booking/purchase.

Q7. With the change of name, will the scope of the society's work also change?

A9. The scope of our work will remain much the same. We will be working to provide high-class teaching material and learning events based on up-to-date research as well as working to reach out to new audiences for historical dance and historical dance music. We want to be the place that people go to support their interest and work in these fields.

Q8. I notice that most publications say DHDS. What will happen to this stock?

A10. We will continue to use the existing stock even though the branding is not now accurate. We are committed to spending our money wisely and this practice reflects what happens in the commercial world. Once we have our new branding agreed and stocks need replacing we will be using the new branding on them. The new name and logo will appear on invoices when that change is complete.

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