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HDS Committee Membership

Janette Bowen and Jan Guyatt will be stepping down from the committee at this year's AGM. The support and contribution has been immense and they will be missed. Their leaving creates an opportunity for new people to join the committee at a most exciting and interesting time as we seek to shape the organisation to be fit to meet the future challenges and to deliver our plans.

Members of the committee take on particular areas of work as their responsibility since in effect the trustees are also managers of the organisation. The work of the committee is currently met as follows:

     Chairman Peter Barnard
     Secretary Richard Smithies
     Treasurer Steve Collins
     Director of Education and Research Anne Daye
     Coordinator of HDS Locals and Summer School administrator Lynne Spicer
     Marketing Peter Barnard
     HDS Social Media Anne Smithies (as an Associate)
     Website and IT David Parsons (as an Associate)
     Newsletter Ann Hinchliffe (as an Associate)
     HDS Events Administrator Gill Plant (as an Associate)

In particular, we would value someone joining the committee:

Our subcommittees are chaired as follows:

     Dance teachers Anne Daye
     Publications Jan Guyatt (to retire)
     Music Peter Barnard

With Jan retiring from the committee, the work of the publications subcommittee will probably concentrate more on commissioning new work and bringing it to the market. We need someone to chair that subgroup.

The main HDS committee meets 3 times a year and the subcommittees meet a similar number of times.

If you would like to have an informal chat with Peter Barnard to explore possible committee membership, please contact him on 01427 873937 or at chairman@historicaldance.org.uk

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