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Volume 2, Number 6, 1988-91

'Damnes' as described by Domenico, Cornazano and Guglielmo

D.R. Wilson   Page 3-8   Download full text (PDF)

The puzzle of the squiggle

Ian Gatiss   Page 9-11   Download full text (PDF)

Skill and invention in the Renaissance ballroom

Anne Daye   Page 12-15   Download full text (PDF)

Women and dancing after the Restoration

Anne Cottis   Page 16-20   Download full text (PDF)

The dancing-master, a satyr

Anon   Page 21-23   Download full text (PDF)

Early dance and education in the 1980s

Judy Smith   Page 24-28   Download full text (PDF)

Volume 2, Number 5, 1986-87

Dancing in the Inns of Court

D.R. Wilson   Page 3-16   Download full text (PDF)

"E poi se piglieno per mano" - a brief study of hand holds in 15th and 16th century portraits

Diana Cruickshank   Page 17-20   Download full text (PDF)

Reflections on basse dance source material, a dancer's review (Part I)

Peggy Dixon   Page 20-29   Download full text (PDF)

The art of good dancing - noble birth and skilled nonchalance. England 1580-1630

Judy Smith   Page 30-32   Download full text (PDF)

'Il Bianco Fiore' by Cesare Negri

D.R. Wilson   Page 33-35   Download full text (PDF)

The problem of Negri's term fioretto spezzato

Anne Daye   Page 36   Download full text (PDF)

Volume 2, Number 4, 1985

A coranto with a diagram: a note on the text

D.R. Wilson   Page 4   Download full text (PDF)

The development of the French basse danse

D.R. Wilson   Page 5-12   Download full text (PDF)

From word to movement (with original text of Furioso all' Italiana and transcription of the music by Diana Porteus)

Anne Daye   Page 13-23   Download full text (PDF)

Reflections on basse dance source material, a dancer's review (Part II)

Peggy Dixon   Page 24-27   Download full text (PDF)

Foreign elements in Irish 18th century dance music

Joan Rimmer   Page 28-35   Download full text (PDF)

Volume 2, Number 3, 1983

Theory and practice in 15th century French Basse Danse

D.R. Wilson   Page 1-2   Download full text (PDF)

A coranto with a diagram

Priska Frank   Page 3-5   Download full text (PDF)

Notes on a rare dance book

Diana Porteus   Page 6-9   Download full text (PDF)

Notes on the interpretation of Baroque dances

John Guthrie   Page 10-11   Download full text (PDF)

The education to be derived from dancing in the 18th century

Anne Cottis   Page 13-19   Download full text (PDF)

Volume 2, Number 2, 1982

Lorin's introduction to his First Book of Contredances, with the dance Christchurch Bells

Gill Plant and Lillian Pleydell   Page 3-13   Download full text (PDF)

Rameau: "Nouvelle Methode" (Final instalment)

Ellis A. Rogers   Page 14-29   Download full text (PDF)

The dances of William Jones

Julian Pilling   Page 30-37   Download full text (PDF)

Volume 2, Number 1, 1980-81

The country dances

Alan Salter   Page 3-8   Download full text (PDF)

Dancing in church buildings

J.G. Davies   Page 9-12   Download full text (PDF)

Squilini Cascarda from Il Ballarino by Fabritio Caroso 1581

Nathalie Dolmetsch   Page 13-16   Download full text (PDF)

The Reyen in a seventeenth-century Dutch Play

Joan Rimmer   Page 17-28   Download full text (PDF)

The lady of the ring - the historical morris II

Julian Pilling   Page 29-33   Download full text (PDF)

Rameau: "Nouvelle Methode" (Part 3)

Ellis A. Rogers   Page 38-51   Download full text (PDF)

Butter'd Pease

Julian Pilling   Page 52   Download full text (PDF)

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