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Guidance for Authors

Electronic submission by email or on disc is preferred, but initial submissions for review may be as hard copy. For paper submissions, please provide three copies of articles for consideration by the editor and reviewer(s). They should be typed on A4 or US letter paper, in double spacing with ample margins. The pages should be consecutively numbered throughout and (if prepared using a word processor) lines should be numbered sequentially (i.e. not starting from 1 on every page). Electronic submissions should be as Microsoft Word, RTF or PDF; in the case of PDF, number the lines as for hard copy. Other formats may be accepted, but please consult the editor first.

Please supply brief notes about yourself (a couple of sentences) suitable for inclusion in the Notes on Contributors section.

Sections and sub sections should be clearly differentiated and titled, but not numbered.

Diagrams, photographs and reproductions of original material should be used wherever they improve exposition. Please see the notes at the end for information about electronic submission of the final version. They should be referred to by number (Figure 1, Figure 2, ...) in the order that they are first referred to in the text. The captions should be given in a list at the end of the text.

Any books or articles cited should be listed in a References section at the end of the article. The form of citations should follow the numeric (i.e. endnote) system as shown in the examples and journal titles should not be abbreviated. When citing modern facsimiles or editions of documents please give full imprint information about the modern version and as much information as possible about the original.

Abbreviations should be avoided throughout.

Footnotes, endnotes (other than references) and appendices should be avoided.

Acceptance of articles is conditional on a favourable report from the reviewer(s).

Articles must be the original work of the author(s) and not previously have been accepted for publication by another journal or be under consideration at the same time.

From Volume 4, Number 3 (2018) onwards, authors will retain copyright of their papers, which will be published under a Creative Commons licence (with the exception of the reproduction of illustrations under licence from other organisations). The copyright of older papers remains the property of HDS.

These notes are provided for guidance and do not cover every eventuality. If in doubt, please contact the editor.

Examples of references

1.    Arnold, J. Costume for masques and other entertainments c 1500-1650. Historical Dance, 1993, 3 (2), 3-20.

2.    Hill, S. Improvising accompaniments to the Burgundian basse danse. In: Inglehearn, M. (editor) The marriage of music and dance, Proceedings of the National Early Music Association Conference, London, 9-11 August 1991. The National Early Music Association, Cambridge, 1991, 7-11.

3.    Ralph, R. The life and works of John Weaver. Dance Books, London, 1985, p. 15.

Electronic submission

Electronic submission of articles is the preferred option for reviewing and is required for the final version, after acceptance by the Journal. PDF is acceptable for the initial submission, but the final version must be in an editable format, such as Microsoft Word or RTF. Most common Windows, Macintosh and Linux formats can be accepted; if in doubt, please consult the editor.

Please note that elaborate formatting and special features such as tables will have to be removed and laid out again for publication, so unnecessary formatting should be avoided. In particular, do not indent references; just use simple paragraphs as above, with a single tab after the number.

Illustrations for the final version must be supplied as separate files, not embedded in the text. The file name should give the figure number to identify it unambiguously.

Diagrams should be provided in a vector format allowing resizing without loss of quality, such as SVG, EMF or EPS.

Scans of original notation, diagrams, etc. should be made at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi, preferably higher, and supplied as TIFF or PNG files. Photographs should also be scanned at 300 dpi and supplied as TIFF, PNG or JPEG at the highest quality setting. All illustrations must be suitable for reproduction in black and white.

Illustrations supplied as hard copy

Illustrations supplied on paper should be provided on separate sheets and take account of the page size and layout of Historical Dance. Diagrams should be drawn in black ink or printed on a laser printer for direct reproduction. Source material and photographs should be of the best available quality, preferably as supplied by the holding library.

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