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Have you thought of becoming an HDS Associate? Helping to extend further the great work done by HDS? Perhaps that time is now!

The HDS trustees direct and manage the work of the society. However, the delivery of our plans for the future can best be achieved through the efforts of a wider circle of people with particular talents and experience. Our existing associates look after particular aspects of our work - e.g. our social media presence, our website, helping with the sale of our books and CDs - but there is room for even more people to be involved, in a small or larger way, with other aspects of our work. For example:

This list is not exhaustive! We would welcome any offer!

One advantage of being an associate is that you would not need to attend trustee committee meetings! Sadly, you would not be paid for your efforts; but the same applies to trustees. However, expenses for attending meetings could be met. We have no limit to the size of our pool of associates. So, why not offer to become one?

If you would like to explore further how you might help us, please contact Peter Barnard on 01427 873937 or

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