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Balletti by Fabritio Caroso 1581 & 1600

Workshops by Markus Lehner and Nicolle Klinkeberg

Upper Hall, St Etheldreda’s Church Hall, Cloncurry Street, Fulham, SW6 6DS

Saturday 12th October 2019 11.30 – 18.00 and Sunday 13th October 2019 10.00 – 17.00

Classes and Repertoire

‘Fabritio Caroso from Sermoneta has not only invented many beautiful things in the art of dance, but has also published a wonderful book, which in its brilliance and clearness bears witness to his skill.’ With these words the famous Milanese dancing master Cesare Negri heaped praise on his equally famous colleague from Rome. After his first book of 1581, Caroso, now more than 70 years of age, had put his knowledge and views on dance on paper one more time. Nobiltà di Dame, published in 1600, represents the very essence of his work, and to this day impresses its readers with its variety of choreographies and ample instructions.

Advanced classes with Markus Lehner

On Saturday, we will take a closer look at Forza d'Amore, one of the longer balletti from Caroso's book, that offers possibilities for easy as well as difficult galliard passages. On Sunday, we will discover with Contentezza d'Amore Caroso's personal style development by dancing and comparing different versions of this dance.

Beginners class with Nicolle Klinkeberg (Saturday only)

This class will devote itself to Bassa Toscana from Caroso's first book Il Ballarino from 1581. Both workshops will pay attention to the solite creanze, the polite gestures that were just as much a part of the dances as the seguiti and fioretti.

Markus Lehner Markus Lehner has been active in historical dance for almost 40 years. He has studied with Barbara Sparti, Lieven Baert, Bernd Niedecken, Deda Cristina Colonna, Ana Yepes and many others. Pursuing all styles from late 15th century to early 19th century, he regularly gives workshops and classes, especially in the Italian style of the 16th and early 17th century. His research in this area led to the publication of the Manual of sixteenth-century Italian dance steps in 1997. He is also chief organiser of the internationally renowned Historical Dance Symposium at Burg Rothenfels and chair of Dance & History e.V., an association committed to the promotion of research in the field of historical dance.


Nicolle Klinkeberg Nicolle Klinkeberg studied musicology at the University of Utrecht. As a teacher, dancer and choreographer in the field of historical dance, she concentrates mainly on Renaissance and Baroque dance. Her teachers include, among many others, Lieven Baert, Markus Lehner, Sigrid T’Hooft, Béatrice Massin, Ana Yepes, and Hubert Hazebroucq. As a dancer she has performed in numerous productions. Since 2007 she has been a member of Corpo Barocco led by Sigrid T’Hooft, and under her direction has performed in Händel's operas Radamisto (Karlsruhe 2009–2010), Amadigi (Göttingen 2012), and Imeneo (Göttingen 2016), and additionally in the production of Händel's Parnasso in Festa (Bad Lauchstädt 2018).



Price Saturday only: £36. Both days: £67.

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