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On Common Ground 4: The Problems of Reconstruction and Re-creation in Dance before 1850

Cecil Sharp House, London
29 March 2003

The conference provided an opportunity for scholars and practitioners to discuss with colleagues the issues strategies, results and rationales for reconstruction and re-creation in historical dance. The one-day conference attracted over 60 participants from Britain, continental Europe and the USA to explore the problems of reconstructing dances from verbal descriptions and notated scores, and the value of re-creating dances from contextual information. The speakers presented case studies spanning the period from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century. The proceeding containing all the papers are published by the HDS (see publications pages).

Patri J. Pugliese Dancing and fencing from the Renaissance to the 19th century [Download]
Diana Cruickshank Theres many a slip: the interpretation of 15th-century Italian dance [Download]
David Wilson Problems and possible solutions in French Basse Dance [Download]
Jennifer Kiek Newcastle: an exercise in early English Country Dance [Download]
Susan de Guardiola Quando vanno à festini: reconstructing and re-creating a social context for 16th-century Italian court dance
Jørgen Schou-Pedersen Traditional French dances from the baroque period [Download]
Ken Pierce, John S. Powell & Jennifer Thorp An echo of the past? Le Roussau's Harlequin and Le Malade Imaginaire [Download]
Robert Mullally Reconstructing the Carole [Download]
Anne Daye & Jeremy Barlow The shock of the new: Ben Jonsons antimasque of witches 1609 [Download]

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