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Summer School 2017

Theatre, Ball and Country Dances of the Eighteenth Century and Their Music

Sunday 6th to Sunday 13th August 2017

Stonyhurst College, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 9PZ

Stonyhurst College

The Courses

Course members choose either one of three dance options or the music course, and will spend the mornings and early afternoons with their chosen tutor. A variety of afternoon workshop choices give students an opportunity to work with different tutors and study different dances.

All three dance classes offer a shorter two-day option, from Sunday to Wednesday morning. The music course will conclude on Thursday evening (depart Friday morning). Musicians are welcome to stay in residence until the Sunday morning departure.

Activities for the evenings include lectures, informal country and international dancing, and other entertainments. Live music will feature prominently throughout the summer school, with musicians and dancers working together, culminating in an assembly or ball on the final evening. Appropri- ate dress, although not essential, adds period atmosphere to this occasion.

Intermediate/Advanced Dance Class with Ricardo Barros

Ricardo Barros

Brazilian-born Ricardo Barros employs in his teaching the choreomusical approach for which he is known in his performances and academic output. An active dancer and choreographer, he directs Mercurius Company, is an Associate of the Royal College of Music and the chairman of the European Association of Dance Historians. He performs and teaches regularly in the UK (where he is based), Holland, Germany and Italy.

His baroque dance course for intermediate/advanced dancers will explore the belle danse technique and style, particularly choreomusical relations in French eighteenth-century dances. Dances include the Sarabande d'Issé (Pécour, c.1713), Courante La Bocannes (Ms-30), Entrée pour un Berger & une Bergère (Pécour, c.1713) and La Matelotte (Feuillet, 1706). Additionally, there will be an introduction to Iberian dances with a Malagueña, and the first conjectural recon- struction of the infamous Brazilian Lundú by Barros.

Elementary/Intermediate Dance Class with Kimiko Okamoto

Kimiko Okamoto

Kimiko Okamoto is a researcher, teacher and dancer, specialising in the baroque period. She started her training as a musician before completing a PhD in Dance. She has taught baroque dance at the University of Roehampton since 2000, and is currently running a historical dance course for the tutors of Soai Junior Academy of Music in Japan.

This elementary/intermediate course will feature ballroom dances, focusing on the use of body and space in line with choreographic principles of the era. The programme covers essential dance-types for the ball: the minuet, gavotte, bourrée and rigaudon in choreographies by Pécour, Feuillet and Ballon, the major dancing masters of early-eighteenth-century France. This course is suitable for first-timers to overview the basic style of this period, as well as for repeaters to build up confidence and repertory.

Basic Dance Class with Anne Daye

Anne Daye

Anne Daye has extensive experience as a teacher, researcher and writer on historical dance, with a special emphasis on dancing in Britain. As well as teaching in dance colleges, she has worked with a wide spectrum of the general population, including TV presenters! Anne has recently enjoyed introducing the basics of eighteenth-century stepping to music students and folk dancers.

Anne’s class is an introduction to eighteenth-century dance, as practised in the country dances. The eighteenth century was a golden age of the country dance, with elegant figuring and varied stepping, and employing the new French music (bourrée and minuet) and English and Scottish tunes in jig, hornpipe and strathspey metres. Students will also be introduced to the couple minuet and explore selected patterns of the French dances. The class will appeal to English and Scottish country dancers and newcomers to baroque dance.

Intermediate/Advanced Music Class with Ibi Aziz

Ibi Aziz

Ibrahim Aziz is a well-known exponent of renaissance and baroque music and teaches at Morley College London. His busy international career encompasses performing solo and with many period ensembles, most notably The Rose Consort of Viols and Chelys, and collaborating with artists and musicians of all kinds. He has many interests in music covering a wide range, from the Renaissance to avant-garde and contemporary.

This is a course for upper intermediate to advanced level baroque players with instruments at A=415. Applicants should already have some experience playing baroque music and good sight- reading skills. The course will explore works from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries with the aim of improving your ensemble playing, knowledge, style and interpretation of the music based on a historical approach. We welcome players of the violin family, viols, woodwind, plucked and keyboard instruments (please note that harpsichordists will need to bring their own instrument). Singers are invited, but must have a clear idea of what repertory they would like to sing. Music will include standard trio sonatas and quartets, French baroque, chamber cantatas (depending on vocal applicants), and opportunities to play for dancing.

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