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Dances from Domenico c. 1450

Book: Dances from Domenico c. 1450


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This book contains a collection of the earliest known and documented European dances from De la Arte di Ballare et Danzare by Domenico da Piacenza.

Research and text by Hazel Dennison, with diagrams by Paul Kent.

Many of the dances in this book can be danced to the music CD Ballare et Danzare.

Contents: 1. Belreguardo, 2. Belreguardo Novo, 3. Lionzello Vechio, 4. Lionzello Novo, 5. La Ingrata, 6. Giloxia, 7. Pizochara, 8. Ver├žepe, 9. Prexonera, 10. Belfiore, 11. Anello, 12. Marchexana, 13. Jupiter, 14. La Fia Guielmina, 15. Laltra Fia Guielmina, 16. Mercantia, 17. Sobria, 18. Tesara, 19. Damnes, 20. Mignotta Vechia, 21. Mignotta Nova, 22. Corona, 23. Zoglioxa

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