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David Parsons
35 Haycroft, Wootton, BEDFORD, MK43 9PB, UK

Editorial Advisory Committee

Editorial Policy

Historical Dance publishes articles, notes and book reviews related to European dance from the fifteenth century to the nineteenth as recorded in contemporary sources, in accordance with the objectives of the HDS. It is intended for dance researchers, teachers and dancers.

Topics of primary interest include, but are not limited to:

It also publishes articles on related subjects, such as :

All papers submitted for publication are reviewed by at least one member of the Editorial Advisory Committee or other suitably qualified reviewer. Acceptance is conditional upon a favourable report from the reviewer(s).

Open Access

From 2012 the committee of HDS has adopted an open access publication policy for Historical Dance. Once a paper has been reviewed, accepted and edited, it will be given volume, part and page numbers, then published on the web site. When sufficient papers have accumulated an issue will be printed for distribution to HDS members, the copyright libraries and others . Until then, papers may be cited as 'published online', giving the date when they appeared.

We have adopted this approach to reduce the delays between papers being accepted and becoming available to readers. The criteria for accepting papers remain unchanged.

From Volume 4, Number 3 (2018) onwards, authors will retain copyright of their papers, which will be published under a Creative Commons licence (with the exception of the reproduction of illustrations under licence from other organisations). The copyright of older papers remains the property of HDS.

HDS will not charge authors or readers for on-line publication or access, though authors will continue to be responsible for the cost of suitable originals and reproduction permissions for any source material reproduced in their papers.

Submitting papers

Submissions and correspondence on editorial matters should be addressed to the Editor. Authors are advised to read the Guidance for Authors before submitting manuscripts. The acceptance of articles for publication is conditional upon a favourable reviewer's report.

Subscriptions and back issues

Historical Dance is distributed free of charge to all members of the HDS. To buy back issues, see the Price list. As an occasional publication, regular subscriptions are not practical; libraries wishing to receive issues as they appear should contact the Secretary.

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